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 aply to legion

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PostSubject: aply to legion   Sat Jul 27, 2013 9:47 am

* Nickname -
* Your Class - Gladiator
* Your Level - 60
* Are you able to use legion forums - yes
* Would you like participate in instance/dungeon runs - yes
* Are you PVE or PVP oriented or both - both
* Where you are from (which timezone are you in) – spain
* How old you are - 18
* Male/Female/Other - male
* How much you usually play –
* How good is your english – a can write/read english but i dont really pronounce it right
* Your previous legions – Legado de sangre
* Why you left your previous legions – because in this legion dont do instances..
* Have you played retail before? Or an Aion private server - Infinite aion
* If yes on which one and what was your name there - Porretas (gladi)
* Where/From whom did you got info about our legion's forum (state the name) – pearl
* Why do you think Eclipse should invite you as a member and how can you contribute to the legion's progress? - i will participate in all i can
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aply to legion
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